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PSHE - Purpose of Study


At Milnthorpe Primary School we follow Twinkl Life’s PSHE and Citizenship scheme of work which aims to equip children with essential skills for life. It intends to develop the whole child through carefully planned and resourced lessons that develop the knowledge, skills and attributes children need to protect and enhance their wellbeing.

We believe that successful PSHE curriculum coverage is a vital tool in preparing children for life in society now and in the future and the topics we teach encourage children to value themselves, appreciate others and become active, confident members of the community.

The themes and topics also support social, moral, spiritual and cultural development and provide children with protective teaching on essential safeguarding issues, developing their knowledge of when and how they can ask for help.


PSHE is taught in thematic units, which are taught in a spiral curriculum that revisits each theme every two years. This enables children to recall and build upon previous learning, exploring the underlying principles of PSHE education regularly at a depth that is appropriate for the age and stage of the child.

Lessons are delivered in a creative manner, using different approaches such as role play, discussion and games with groups of various sizes. These activities enable children to build confidence and resilience.

Assessment for learning opportunities are built into each lesson which enable self-evaluation and reflective learning and allow teachers to evaluate and assess progress. Each lesson begins with a discussion of children’s existing knowledge and experience, providing an opportunity for baseline assessment. Each lesson ends with an opportunity to consolidate and reflect upon learning.


Milnthorpe’s PSHE curriculum enables children to develop the vocabulary and confidence needed to clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings in a climate of openness, trust and respect, and know when and how they can seek the support of others. They will apply their understanding of society to their everyday interactions, from the classroom to the wider community of which they are a part.

Successful PSHE education can have a positive impact on the whole child, including their academic development and progress, by mitigating any social and emotional barriers to learning and building confidence and self-esteem. Evidence suggests that successful PSHE education also helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children achieve to a greater extent by raising aspirations and empowering them with skills to overcome barriers they face. At Milnthorpe, PSHE is taught as a whole-school approach, from Early Years up to Y6 in order to positively impact wellbeing, safeguarding and SMSC outcomes. This can ensure that all children are able to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to succeed at school and in the wider world.

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