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This term we have been learning about  the topic 'Why am I special? We have had lots of discussions about ourselves, our families, likes and dislikes and our bodies. We have been reading 'Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly' and used this as a starting point to inspire the children to think of the things that they like as well as taking time to appreciate what other children are interested in. We read 'So Much' which led to lots of discussions about our families and friends, parties and important events in our lifetimes. Through our PSED work we have been talking about our bodies and how they work which has linked well to our key texts of 'Titch', 'Once there were giants' and 'Funnybones'. We have also really enjoyed reading 'The Rainbow Fish' which encouraged the chidlren to think about being kind, sharing and considering the feelings of their peers. We cook or prepare some food each week helping to develop skills such as chopping, mixing and pouring as well as encouraging discussions about healthy lifestyles. So far this term we have made fruit faces, rainbow jelly, healthy sandwiches and a big sharing cake. Yum yum!

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